The Radom Region

Even though the Kolberg family was attached to Warsaw, it was in Przysucha, in the Radom region, where on February 22, 1814 Henryk Oskar Kolberg was born. Family relations were probably the reason why Kolberg visited this region many times for research carried out in the 1840s and 1850s. Among others, he was hosted by Amelia Pruszakowa in Orońsk and the falimy of Rychter in Kozienice.

For Kolberg, the Sandomierz and Radom regions created the former Sandomierz Land. This is why he described the area of Sandomierz in both ‘The Radom Region’ and ‘The Sandomierz Region’.

He remarked on the inhabitants of this area:
“The way of life of the Sandomierz people create a tremendous opportunity for a researcher interested in old beliefs and social order of this part of Poland. It is not only because some of the rites are cultivated here longer than in other regions, but there are also numerous venerable traditions”.


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Kolberg stayed in Kozienice in 1859 with the Rychter family, known only by name. Later, he came to this town in 1855, 1856 and 1859. In manuscripts, there remains a note written by Kolberg from July 3, 1859, according to which the author spent 10 kopecks [the currency used at that time in Poland] on beer.


Orońsko is a town located by the Oronka River. In Kolberg’s day, it was in the Radom district; today it belongs to the Szydłowiec district. Kolberg came here in 1859; however, it was not his first visit in the town.


This is the place where the future folklorist and ethnographer, Oskar Kolberg, was born. The Kolberg family lived here just for a few years, yet those were very important years for the history of the family.


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