The Tarnów and Rzeszów Regions

It is almost sure that during his research in the Sanok region, Kolberg collected also materials from the regions of Tarnów and Rzeszów; yet, there are no documents confirming that he visited these cities by himself. It is possible that he stayed for a short time in one of the towns while he was travelling the Cracow-Lviv railway. If that was true, it would be very likely that Kolberg stayed in Zaleszany with Ksawery Konopka, the cousin of Józef Konopka.


It is not known, if Kolberg stayed in the town of Rzeszów. However, it is highly probable, since his archive includes some materials from this place.


In Kolberg’s material there is a short account of the city: “The city of Tarnów has the town hall from the 14th century. The city is surrounded by a wall, about which there are some remains of towers of an old castle. The local rumour has it that the castle collapsed during a ball on which too many people danced”.