The Cracow Region

Kolberg had been visiting the region of Cracow since the 1840s. He became very close with the family of Konopka. He also had contacts with the members of the cultural and scientific community of the city, especially with the members of the Academy of Arts and Sciences. This situation made it easier for him to get to know the history and tradition of this land. He found the long-established folk culture from this region very inspiring.

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Oskar Kolberg lived in Warsaw from childhood, yet, at the end of the 1860s, he decided to move to the vicinity of Cracow.


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Oskar Kolberg moved to the vicinity of Cracow in 1871. Firstly he stayed in Mogilany with Józef Konopka;


After leaving Warsaw in 1870, Kolberg was persuaded by his friend Józef Konopka to stay in Mogilany.


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