The Grand Duchy of Poznań

Kolberg came to Poznań many times. The contacts established with cultural personages of Poznań played a crucial role in the course of his research. His connections with members of the Greater Poland’s gentry allowed him to conduct research in various parts of the Grand Duchy of Poznań.

Kolberg’s interest in this region began in the 1840s. However, it was not until 1866, when he conducted the first in-depth field research in this place. During his visits in the region he accepted the hospitality of the families from Greater Poland. Among the places he mostly focused on were the manors of Czeszewo, Morownica, Pakosław and Dębicz.


Oskar Kolberg conducted research in this old village in Greater Poland in 1867 and 1868. He stayed with the famous philosopher and social activist, Karol Libelt.


Oskar Kolberg visited this place in 1867 and 1872. He stayed with the Wolniewicz family. In Dębicz and its vicinity Kolberg collected accounts of various customs related to annual holidays:


Kolberg explains the origin of the name of this village:


In Kolberg’s day, the manor in this village was a property of the Niegolewski family. Kolberg was a close friend of Wanda and Władysław Niegolewski,


Kolberg stayed in this town with the Czarnecki family. The classical palace which was built at the end of the 18th century is still standing there. At present, it is a renovated hotel surrounded by a landscape park.


Kolberg’s visits in Poznań were associated mainly, at least at the beginning, with the publishing of his work.


Kolberg collected there descriptions of many annual customs related to Christmas,


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Kolberg described this town in the following way: “Wieleń by the Noteć river is almost entirely a German town.