Volume 23: The Kalisz Region part 1

The Complete Works vol. 23: The Kalisz Region part 1. Wrocław – Poznań 1964, pp. VI+272, one color plate. Photo-offset re-edition; first edition: Cracow 1890.

This is the first part of the ethnographic monograph of the vast area which covers the Kalisz region, that is, the eastern part of the historic Great Poland, which, in the nineteenth century, belonged to Russia, and the Sieradz region. The volume contains the first chapters of the monograph: The Country, The People, descriptions of customs of the annual cycle and family rites with 269 songs and melodies. Moreover, in The Notes there is a certain number of legends and traditions. Thirty religious songs performed during pilgrimages to Częstochowa were also included in The Notes. The material published in this volume came from fieldwork conducted in the years 1843, 1853, 1860 and 1863. They were supplemented with information received from correspondents and taken from general descriptive and ethnographic literature. The materials for the second part of the monograph, left by Kolberg in the manuscript form, were published as The Kalisz and Sieradz Regions, vol. 46 of The Complete Works.